About CeSAU

CeSAU - Central Scotland African Union

Established in 2007, CeSAU works to address the economic and social needs of Africans and Afro-Caribbeans living in Central Scotland and its surroundings. We work to empower people to be able to maximise the skills they possess in order to access the Scottish job market and also to access other locally available services; Thus reducing isolation and directly enhancing quality of life. We encourage and support community development and the involvement of our members in all spheres of public life.

We serve as the democratic ‘Voice’ of the people of African and Caribbean descent living within Central Scotland and beyond. Our work requires that our organisational focuses and activities  must constantly evolve to meet the needs of the dynamic population that we serve.

With our main objective being to create positive social change in Central Scotland; We aim to facilitate better relations and foster understanding between the local African diaspora and the wider local community. This is mainly achieved through running events and programmes that help our members to celebrate their two-fold identity within Scottish society.


Whilst these events and programmes celebrate our unique identities, they also aim enrich the wider community as they are open to the general public and aim to educate and promote a better understanding of our community.


Our key programmes are tailored towards:

  1. Helping members find career development pathways within the Scottish job market.

  2. Promoting active and healthy lifestyles through dance, fitness and walking groups, this is a function of our commitment to improving mental health and reducing isolation within our community.

  3. Promoting a positive knowledge of self for our younger members through hobby classes.

Main Beneficiaries:

  1. Young People

  2. Broader Community

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