Our Main Aim is to create positive social change in Central Scotland

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About Central Scotland African Union (CeSAU)

Our Mission

The nature of CeSAU’s work requires that both what we focus on and how we operate must consistently evolve. Social change is and always will be in a constant state of flux. What is important today may not be in a month, year, decade or century. Our goals, objectives, ambitions and aspirations therefore will and must always be reviewed, adapted and change.

Over time we will continue to expanded the portfolio of projects we create into the broader domain of cultural expression. The core intentions regarding social change remain the same. It is the tools we use that we change to ensure the lives of all Africans living in the Forth Valley are transformed and people are empowered to reach their full potentials.

Our Aims

1. We aim to contribute to the rich cultural diversity, encourage, sharing and participation in cultural activities within the Forth Valley: Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire and beyond.

2. Work in partnership with statutory, private and voluntary organisations and individuals to obtain and sustain equitable quality services for Africans.

3. Provide a space dedicated to the celebration, creation and performance of indigenous African cultural heritage. We recognise that Africa is a big continent with 52 independent countries with
diverse culture. We aim to identify the common thread that binds us together through the democratic process: the fruit of an ever-evolving conversations and debates to reflect this multiplicity of identity: to be proactive as well reactive and always challenging, yet stimulating.

4. Build the capacity to manage effectively and to partner with other organisations, sponsor, and curate and develop an archive of resources.

5. We are a curious citizens committed to social activism through the tools of art, culture and intellectual innovation.

Board of Trustees

Our Trustees focus on certain organisational areas within Central Scotland African Union CeSAU. Find out more about the areas in which the committees are active. Maybe you would like to get involved in one of them! Here are the Committee areas:

Vice Chair
Vice Treasurer
Secretary and Membership
Events and Publicity

Our Partners

CeSAU works in partnership with a number of local agencies including local councils, charities and educational institutions including:

Falkirk Council

Stirling Council

Clackmannanshire Council



Stirling Multi Cultural Partnership

African Caribbean Women’s Association



Falkirk CVS

STEP Scottish Enterprise Stirling

Stirling University

Pan African Arts Scotland

Sickle Cell Society London

Forth Valley College


A picture is worth a thousand words. Click through our photo gallery and get to know us. Check our  Gallery to see our photos.